Blue Waters proposal how to seminar

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The Blue Waters team is doing one of the best jobs I’ve ever seen at taking the right steps to build a community around their upcoming machine (I’m not a part of that community, so I don’t know whether they are being successful, but they are certainly doing everything that can be done to help it happen).

Yesterday they posted news of an upcoming webinar that will help supplicants…er, applicants…put together proposals for time on the big blue monster. Proposals are due Mar 17, and the seminar is Feb 1. From the web site

…In order to receive an award of time on Blue Waters through the National Science Foundation allocation process, teams must receive a pre-allocation through the current Petascale Computing Resource Allocations (PRAC) process, and the next round of PRAC proposals are due March 17.

On Feb. 1, NCSA will host a two-hour webinar to provide details about the Blue Waters system, an overview of the PRAC program, and tips on writing successful PRAC proposals. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions.

Presenters will include Daniel S. Katz, University of Chicago, and Blue Waters staff.

The webinar will begin at 11 a.m. (CST) Feb. 1. To participate, go to and use the event password “prac.” No advance registration is required.