Early results as China's peak PF super comes together

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The Google nets turned up a story in the People’s Daily in China indicating that the first 10% of Tianhe-1 has been installed and is getting some wringing out by early customers.

Reporters learned from the National Supercomputing Center in Tianjin January 13 that the adjustment of the first parts to be installed in “Tianhe-1,” China’s first supercomputer which is capable of doing more than a quadrillion calculations per second, has been completed. This signifies that the supercomputer is qualified to provide service for clients and the first parts to be installed in “Tianhe-1” have been in trial use among important clients. The calculation capability of the first “Tianhe-1” systems that have already reached Tianjin is one-tenth of a fully-installed “Tianhe-1.”

This machine was announced in early November concurrent with the launch of the China Top 100. As we said then, Tianhe is a theoretical PFLOPS machine; its LINPACK is 563 TFLOPS.