Holyoke Computing Center Panel First Meeting

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According to the Massachusetts Republican [online edition], a 28-member panel task force will meet for the first time on Thursday to discuss the fate of $80 million destined for a supercomputing center in Holyoke.  The Holyoke High Performance Computing Center Innovation District Design and Development Task Force [come on, what else would they call it!?] consists of officials, academics and business luminaries from Western Massachusetts.  The governor unveiled the task force during a recent visit.

Each one of the people that are on the task force brings something unique to the task force,” Kathleen G. Anderson, city director of Planning and Development, said last week.

It was critical that we have that meeting on her very first day,” said Kofi Jones, spokeswoman for the Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development.

The new HPC facility will be built somewhere along the three canals that connect the Connecticut River.  The first task of the task force will be to strategize on how to attract computing talent, investments and companies to the area, anchored by their new computing facility.

For more info, read the full article here.


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