LinuxMag: SC09 Videos

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Interested in more rich media goodness from SC09?  Doug Eadline of Linux Magazine has the ticket.  Unlike other rich media postings from the show, Doug has sought out the lesser known success stories and highlighted them via a series of YouTube videos.  Teasers? You betcha!

In case you did not know the fastest machine in the world (running the HPL benchmark) was ORNL Jaguar. This year at SC09, the 1.75 petaflop/s calculator placed at the top of the the list.The achievement also gave AMD some bragging rights as Jaguar used their new six core AMD Opteron.

A case in point is my friend Don Becker. The longest conversation I had with him this year was the interview below. We both helped organize and attended the Beowulf Bash, but I never got a chance to talk with him and some other friends.

This next video was from the disruptive technologies area. Each year there are a handful of companies that are showing technologies that may have “disruptive effects” on the industry. Of course, the word disruptive has buzz-word status among the marketing droids.

I won’t steal Doug’s thunder on the actual video contact, so you’ll need to surf over to LinuxMag here and watch the videos.