New bios for a new (old) team at Verari as it struggles back to life

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Verari Sytems logoWhile I did not hear back from Dave Driggers after I posted the word I got that he had won the auction for Verari, it seems from looking at the company’s website that the rumor was true. Check out the management bios page and you’ll see familiar faces at the helm of the resuscitated Verari, including most critically David Driggers as Chairman and CEO. Jerry Loe stays in his slot as EVP of Field Operations, with Chris Witt (CFO), Victor Tung (Engineering), and Paul Mecucci (Sales).

Also, the web site shows no signs that anything ever happened, which I don’t think is a good thing. Seems like a press release or at least a note to visitors on the home page explaining what’s going on is in order. We’ve heard that there was at least one customer with a large prepaid order from Verari that was worth about $300k, as yet unfilled (word is that the employee who specified Verari at the purchasing company lost his job). I imagine there are at least a few other messes like this that the company will have to clean up, and there is a lot of ill will in the customer base right now I’m sure.


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