Supermicro Features Double-Sided Storage at Storage Visions 2010

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Super Micro Computer is showcasing its latest series of double-sided storage platforms at the Storage Visions 2010 conference in Las Vegas this week.  According to their release, the SC847 series storage platform is the first true double-sided storage platform ever available.  The chassis features up to 36 hot-swap 3.5″ drives with 24 in the front and 12 in the rear.  When configured as a JBOD, one can configure up to 21 drives in the rear, for a total of 45 drives in the chassis.

Adding these double-sided, high-capacity storage chassis to our storage portfolio provides our customers with direct hot-swap access to all of the storage drives while saving valuable rack space,” said Charles Liang, CEO and president, Supermicro. “Besides saving enterprises hundreds of dollars per system on their energy bills, Supermicro’s full range of storage solutions also help preserve the environment. Supermicro’s latest 1U, 2U, 3U and 4U storage chassis feature optimized iPass connectivity, SES-2 features and enhanced hard drive trays as well as 100% recyclable, palletized packaging.”

The SC847 chassis also supports the world’s first Platinum level [94%+ efficiency], fully redundant power supply.  As always, Super Micro will support a myriad of different uni-processor and dual-processor motherboard configurations.  For more info, read their full release here.