Verari lowers shields, just a bit

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After posting the results of my digging on the Verari website and turning up the new management team at Verari (and taking them to task for not at least issuing a press release about what they are up to), we have some movement: that press release I was asking for.

What’s in it? Not much. The company has changed its name, slightly, from Verari Systems to Verari Technologies, and confirmation that Driggers led the investment group making the buy (information we had already shared)

With the purchase of substantially all of the assets, Mr. Driggers is re-starting the Verari engine this week. The new company, Verari Technologies, will focus on blade-based high-performance computing solutions, modular containerized data centers and blade-based storage development efforts. In addition, the Investment Group purchased all of Verari’s inventory, equipment and technologies and is offering immediate support to past Verari Systems’ customers.

“We have the opportunity to go back to our roots of being a consulting company that heavily partners to deliver custom solutions for our customers,” says David Driggers. “The ‘new Verari’ is going to build stronger partnerships with our customers while delivering the solutions they require. I’m a strong believer that companies are more successful when they listen and collaborate with their customers.”

According to other coverage, insideHPC isn’t the only news organization that Verari isn’t talking to yet. Its too bad they weren’t more proactive with their community outreach. Comments and links on Verari posts have trailed off to a mere trickle here at insideHPC as interest in the story wanes. We’ll have to see if there is anything left for our community to be interested in once the company is ready to talk about what it is doing.


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  1. Former_Verari says

    You’re right. Interest is starting to wane. I hope the new Verari does well but from what I gather (I worked there for over 4 years btw), its more of the same, but with the old management.

    It seems the curse and the ways of the new management that ruined the company have effected even the good hearted founders. I also know a lot of the people that “made” the company are not around. Or rather I shouldn’t say I “know”, but what I can gather from knowing who is ‘back’ so far and who isn’t (I have found another job and wouldn’t go back if asked but I still have friends close to what’s going on – that’s all I can say)

    I hope I’m wrong. And I hope that the new Verari makes good on the old debt left (at least to employees) by old Verari. Old Verari went out of business owning employees millions, then poof, starts up again not legally owing anyone anything and not a peep about a plan to make good.

    Real classy. I’m sure you’ll attract a lot of loyal vendors, customers, employees, and partners with that type of history.

    Driggers is a good man, I don’t think any former empolyee would argue that. While I hope “VT” does well, I wouldn’t bet on it. At least not from what I know so far…

  2. FakeDriggers says

    PS: I bet your site gets more traffic/comments because you don’t have to sign up. I read a lot on other site but don’t bother to post because there is no anon function. A robust conversation after a story can add so much, I’m not sure why other sites try to discourage it.

    I saw this on another site: “The new company will not abandon the vast scale-out markets, but will have a radically different strategy for attacking them. “We’re not going do the low-margin business ourselves,” the new owner said. “We’re going to partner with companies that operate at those types of margins.””

    How can you have partners compete on low margin business unless you’re selling to them low margin to begin with? Even if you sell to partners at low margin, you’re still net higher margin to the customer because of the partner relationship (low+low != low).

    And it doesn’t save you from being low margin rat race as you’re still having to sell to the partner at an aggressive price for them to stand a shot.

    Driggers (the real one) is a smart guy, maybe he is thinking of something that I haven’t thought of…. I’ll be watching and cheering for Verari to do well.

  3. Are the Hesters in on this too? I saw Hester(s) becuase you all know where lil bro goes, big bro is there to follow. VH started this to with Driggers and CH just tags along. Of is Driggers doing this on his own.

  4. Disgruntled says

    Verari Technologies just placed all employess on a 2 week furlough. Funny how things are not working out again!

  5. RickJames says

    Furlough again? EVERYONE?

    Why? I assume sales are not what they were expecting? I left right before they folded. Who the hell is running sales now? I know Vince is gone, so is it just Jerry? Jerry always seemed to like a smart guy. I’m surprised he couldn’t ‘restart the engine’ so to speak.

    I know for a fact their best sales guy isn’t with them as I just asked him if he was hired back after I heard rumors about this furlough and he said he was never offered a position.

  6. Disgruntled says

    Everyone is on furlough and there are abotu 20 people who have been let go to date. From what I hear half of the company is to be let go within the next 2 weeks. I so not know who is in charge of sales at this point but do know that the majority of sales has not gone back.

    Alot of the good people who worked diligently for the company (and not for the execs or for so long they could come and go as they please and do whatever they wanted) were not asked back.

  7. RickJames says

    Disgruntled: I saw via twitter that website was down. Any extra meaning behind that other than it just randomly being down?

  8. Disgruntled says

    I think it was just randomly down. From what I am hearing now half the company has officially been let go.