Aalborg University Taps AccelerEyes Jacket

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Researchers at Aalborg University in Denmark are now utilizing GPUs to advance their research in communications.  The Department of Electronics Systems and Technology Platforms focus on the theory, modeling, design, implementation, and test of RF systems and circuits, mainly within RF-CMOS, HW/SW co-design and design space exploration, advanced circuit and system theory, modeling and analysis as well as synthesis.  The research are using the AccelerEyes Jacket platform alongside MATLAB in order to accelerate development, irrespective of whether the target platform is pure CPU of CPU/GPU.

We often have few production runs and frequent model changes, which means that Jacket is an ideal solution for us,” says Prof. Larsen. He continues saying, “with Jacket we gain a lot of performance for a very modest investment in learning to take advantage of Jacket. We can’t afford to use a lot of time to develop C/FORTRAN programs – we rather let the computers together with Jacket do the hard computations. The speed-ups we have seen from Jacket compared to CPU solutions are very, very impressive.”

According to the release, the adoption of Jacket by Larsen’s team at AAU has resulted in a unique collaboration between AccelerEyes and AAU. Dr. Larsen provides continuous feedback to the engineering and development team at AccelerEyes to advance Jacket. Most recently Dr. Larsen has launched Torben’s Corner on the AccelerEyes Wiki to provide valuable information to the Jacket user community, globally.

For more info on the research and collaboration, read the full release here.