Ames expects Obama budget will mean growth

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US Capitol DomeA story in the San Jose Mercury News last week cited officials confident that NASA’s Ames Research Center, located in Silicon Valley, will benefit from the proposed FY11 budget

“We’re highly confident that we’re going to get more money, and we do believe it’s going to enhance employment here, and in Silicon Valley,” said Lewis Braxton III, deputy director of Ames Research Center in Mountain View. He said it is too early to know how many additional local jobs would be created by NASA’s proposed new emphasis on unmanned space missions, climate change research, an extension of the International Space Station and plans to partner with private companies to launch astronauts into orbit.

The potential boon may extend to Ames’s HPC center as well

…Braxton said he could imagine more work for Ames’ supercomputer facility and additional partnerships, such as the center’s cooperation with Google, in which NASA has tapped Google’s expertise to help make its spacecraft more autonomous, and building on partnerships, such as one with Cisco Systems, to integrate the world’s climate change databases.


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