Call for contributions to GPU computing gems

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Your valuables in print

I loved the graphics gems series of books back when I used to do real work in the early and mid nineties. Now NVIDIA is putting together a new installment in the “gems” series for GPUS: GPU Computing Gems (Amazon shows three in this series so far). From the website

nVidia logoYou are invited to contribute to GPU Computing Gems, a contribution-based book that will focus areas on practical techniques for GPU computing in some key focus areas:

  • scientific simulation
  • video and image processing including compression
  • engineering simulation
  • computer vision
  • numerical algorithms
  • signal processing and audio processing
  • …

Professor Wen-mei Hwu of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering in the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign is the Editor-in-Chief. Previous books in this series have been published by Addison-Wesley.

If you are interested, submission guidelines are at the site and proposals are due by Feb 28, 2010, with manuscripts due in May. NVIDIA is actually helping to make this book happen

NVIDIA and our publisher will help contributors by working with them to create their figures, as well as by providing copy editing and typesetting services.


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