Clemson Lands Funds for Cyber Institute Position

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Clemson has announced that they have been given $4million to support an endowed chair position in the Cyber-Institute Center of Economic Excellence (CoEE).  The funds come via a 50/50 split between C. Tycho Howle of Atlanta and an anonymous private sector partner, along with a state match.  The center’s primary focus will be to develop new software-based approaches and new computational capabilities to solve complex “societal issues.”

The holder of the endowed chair in human-centered computing will be a catalyst for bringing together an interdisciplinary research team involving a wide range of computing applications in engineering, physics, biology, psychology, sociology and many other fields,” said Holcombe Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Chair Darren Dawson. “This multidisciplinary team will develop software-based approaches and computational capabilities to build new tools and methods to gain a better perspective on their research. For example, when a computer combines a map with the data from thousands of sensors measuring ocean currents and temperatures around the globe, a collection of numbers can become a stunning visualization that helps us understand shifting climate patterns. Likewise, a computer-generated visualization can help a surgeon better understand what is happening inside a patient’s heart before ever picking up a scalpel.”

For more info, check out the Center for Economic Excellence’s website here.