Cray Forms Business Alliance With IRL Race Car Designer

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Next generation IndyCar Series race car chassis designs are quickly coming to fruition.  The 2012 design year sneak peeks were leaked by race car company Swift Engineering.  Alongside the release was a side note on various new business partnerships that Swift has formed in the design and implementation process.  Oddly enough, Cray was highlighted as a major business partner.

Individually, each one of these partnerships is critical to Swift’s continuing commitment to motorsport; however, collectively and in conjunction with one another they will help us set new industry standards in innovative design, manufacturing and support,” Jan Wesley Refsdal [Swift’s President] stated.

According to the source article, Cray’s machines will be utilized at the Swift research facility to augment CFD design processes.

Speed-to-market is critical in any business, but probably more so in racing as the green flag doesn’t wait for anyone,” Refsdal said. “Rapid development is just as much about the speed and quality of the design process as it is manufacturing. We are evolving our four-year exclusive certified composite repair relationship with Mark One Composites, Inc. to provide further manufacturing and inventory support directly to teams from its Indianapolis-based facility.”

Very cool stuff.  For more info, read the source article here.


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