Data center haiku contest

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Just in over the email transom, news of a data center haiku contest being run at

It’s time to boot up the cerebral right side and balance those cortical hemispheres!

For global fame, peer recognition and a beautiful coffee mug featuring YOUR winning Haiku, simply submit your best haiku and win!

We’ll keep the rules super simple:

  • No more than three lines.
  • Make at least one seasonal reference.
  • Keep it data center relevant.

Reference at wikipedia in case you need to brush up on what a haiku is. Here’s an example to get you started

Be strong, blade server
Stay in your rack and burn hot
You are beautiful

You can tweet, email, or post your entry, which must be submitted by Feb 15. Instructions in the post. Winner is announced in the last week of February and gets his or her haiku printed on a mug. Awesome!


  1. Richard Hickey says

    Ah, my computer.
    It likes to model weather
    I like the sunshine.

    I build a cluster.
    It burns up a lot of heat.
    Predicting Climate.

    I build it faster
    I am proud to be a geek
    I help fold proteins

    make virtual worlds
    reality, whatever
    I want it to be.

  2. Richard Hickey says

    hmmm… must reference a season. Missed that.

    Ah, my computer
    It likes to model weather
    I like the winter

    I build a cluster
    It burns up a lot of heat
    Predicting Summer

    I built it faster
    I am proud to be a geek
    Data Center Warm!

    My virtual world
    Data Center, it is warm
    I want winter cold