FSU adds 3Leaf systems to HPC configuration

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3Leaf Systems, a relatively new company whose hardware can be used to create virtual SMPs, announced this week that Florida State University’s Department of Scientific Computing has signed up to install the 3Leaf Systems Dynamic Data Center Server into their HPC environment.

3Leaf Systems logo“As an organization that supports true multidisciplinary research, we provide a general access computing platform that must meet a diverse set of application requirements for our user community,” said Jim Wilgenbusch, Director of HPC, Research Associate in the Department of Scientific Computing of FSU’s shared-High Performance Computing facility. “3Leaf Systems is meeting our requirements for performance, flexibility and cost. With this platform we can add, remove, divide up, resize or reallocate resources across traditional hardware boundaries and seamlessly accommodate a variety of programming paradigms and application requirements. This provides us with a level of operational agility that we have not previously experienced.”

As far as I know, this is the company’s first (publicly-announced) HPC datacenter deployment. If you know different, drop in a comment.


  1. Roger Fortier says

    You are correct this is 3Leaf’s first publicly announced HPC data center annoucement however I can tell you they have also secured a deal with one of the major national labs and the University of Valencia. Additionally, the company is in discussions with LSU, as noted in their launch press release on November 4, 2009. Stay tuned for more on the customer front from 3Leaf Systems.

  2. Roger: thanks for the customer update. This is an interesting company that I will definitely keep an eye on.