Keeping up with all the news that's fit to know

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There is lot going on in HPC everyday. Trust us — we keep up with about two hundred news sources every day to bring you just the stuff that matters, and that doesn’t count the news that readers send in. So when we carry something on insideHPC the odds are pretty good it’s something you don’t want to miss.

But between the wife, the kids, your boss, and reruns of My Name is Earl, you can’t always be at your computer. It bums us out too. But there is a solution: email updates.

And we have not one but two cool ways to keep up with HPC news by email. The fancy email (we aren’t very good at naming things here) is all HTML’d up with graphicy goodness, and has quick summaries of news items so that you can click through to just the stories that matter. And the regular email eschews fancy visuals in exchange for full contet from each story right in your email client.

You could live on the edge and subscribe to both.