Microsoft includes 'parallel computing' among software development investments

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Microsoft’s S. Somasegar, SVP of the Microsoft Developer Division, posted this week about some of the software development trends in which Microsoft is, or will be, investing.

On Somasegar’s list is cloud computing, the web as a platform, agile and distributed development, and parallel computing

Microsoft logoMoore’s Law, the prediction that CPU performance would double every eighteen months, is now fulfilled by adding more processor cores rather than by increased performance of a single core, bringing the power of multi-core processing to low-end machines.  New trends in computing take advantage of inexpensive and widely-available desktop graphics processors for certain tasks.  At the high end of processing ability, supercomputing centers are leveraging clusters to perform complex computational tasks.  Today, a small handful of programmers have the skills to write code that performs well in multi-core and many-core environments.  In the future, parallel libraries, debugging, profiling, and diagnostic tools will enable more developers to take advantage of parallel computing resources.


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