Platform Computing on Federal News Radio

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Randy Clark, CMO of Platform Computing, was recently interviewed on 1500AM, Federal News Radio.  The discussion focused on Platform’s push into cloud computing technology.  Randy goes into detail regarding their recent involvement with CERN.

CERN is, I would argue, the world’s leading research organization both in terms of the work that it does and the scope of involvement that it has with other research organizations.One of the best practices that CERN is doing is evolving.

They are evolving from a grid environment to more of a private cloud environment.

The other best practice is that they’re allowing their end user organizations — other research organizations that they collaborate with, and even smaller, virtual organizations — they’re allowing those end users to, in effect, choose what type of applications they use and what kind of environments they run. [Randy Clark]

Overall, the interview is a good look at a more HPC-centric view of cloud computing and how it could potentially benefit loosely coupled, data intensive computing.  Fed News Radio was so kind to post an mp3 of the interview here.


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