ScaleMP Delivers for Coventry University

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ScaleMP today announced that they successfully delivered improved compute capability at a lower cost for the Automotive Engineering Applied Research Group at Coventry University.  The research group decided to add additional SMP capability to its HPC resources in order to service workloads that required large memory footprints.

We are scientists, not IT experts. We need a system that works well with our software and frees up time to allow us to focus on what we consider to be the most demanding theoretical and modeling problems. We want the system to work flawlessly at a high level of performance so that we are unaware of it,” said Dr. Carol Roberts, research fellow in the Automotive Engineering Applied Research Group at Coventry University. “Thanks to ScaleMP’s aggregation platform, we have a very versatile system that performs well with a wide range of applications. By providing a single virtual system, vSMP Foundation technology significantly reduces the IT complexity and enables access to large shared memory for our most demanding larger simulations when needed.”

We are very happy to be able to support the advanced research that Coventry University is performing in their Automotive Engineering Applied Research Group,” said Shai Fultheim, founder and CTO of ScaleMP. “With vSMP Foundation, Coventry University receives the best of both worlds — the operational simplicity of a large system with the cost economics of a cluster solution. Our solution, in addition to providing the customer much greater flexibility, has significantly better performance than the Itanium solution it replaces.”

For more info on the new ScaleMP deployment, read their full release here.