Student cluster challenge win in case study

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A while ago my friend Brian from Mellanox sent me a link to a case study (PDF) they had recently put on their website. I don’t usually point to case studies, but this one is interesting in that it talks about how Mellanox worked with the team from Stony Brook University that won the Student Cluster Competition at SC09.

Each year, SC features a Student Cluster Competition where undergraduate student teams compete against each other to perform scientific application benchmark runs on clusters. StonyBrook’s student’s ingenuity won the day, aided by Mellanox 40Gb/s InfiniBand connecting Dell systems and AMD processors.

From the study

The partnership with the sponsoring vendors enables the students to develop relationships with the vendors and to learn from their engineers. The Stony Brook students built their cluster using technology provided by Dell, Mellanox and AMD. The cluster consisted of five Dell PowerEdge M905 blade servers, with 20 AMD 6-core “Istanbul” Opteron processors and 320GB of memory, all interconnected with Mellanox 40Gb/s InfiniBand.

It’s an interesting, short read.