The face of a merger: the Sun Oracle new logo

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You may already have seen this since this is the logo they used during the big day long briefing a couple weeks ago, but I had not seen it until this morning. In a update to his Lustre post, Oracle VP Marc Hamilton mentions that Oracle is going to continue its involvement in the International Supercomputing Conference in Germany as well as the Sun HPC Consortium seminar that runs prior to the conference.

Then he mentions this

Sun Oracle logoThe Oracle events team has already been working with the ISC team and if you check the ISC Sponsors page you can see it has even been updated with the new Sun Oracle logo.

I’ve included the “new” logo above so that those of you at smaller companies can see what having access to a multinational marketing department and a case of scotch tape gets you. If you’d like an even bigger version to hang in your garage, you can get one at Wikipedia.


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  1. Speaking as one of those guys with a smaller marketing department, thanksf or the heads up. I am heading to Costo to get me some scotch tape so I can do fancy marketing too….