This is an ex-parrot: RIP the job board

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Imagine my delight in discovering that the famous Dead Parrot Sketch has its own Wikipedia entry. God bless Jimmy Wales.

Anyway, on to the news. After a strong showing of initial interest in our job board experiment from potential employers, the job board has dwindled down to just a couple entries. This isn’t something we ever charged for, so I can only conclude that even at free the board isn’t providing value for our readers. And since it takes more than zero time, there’s no sense in doing something with no value.

Soon it will cease to be, where “soon” is defined as when I get around to it, possibly today. My thanks to those who did list jobs, and to those who used it to look for a new job. If you are on either side of the job market, and find yourself in need of a board, I’m told HPCwire still has theirs.


  1. Chris Elmquist says

    You should flip it over– have a job board for people looking for companies
    rather than companies looking for people.

  2. Chris – I thought about that, but it would have been a lot more development. People would need to be able to uploade resumes, then be able to log in and manage them. A lot of effort that I wasn’t sure anyone would be interested in using.