VP says Oracle will continue to invest in Lustre

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In a blog post on Monday former Sun exec, now Oracle VP for HPC Sales Support Marc Hamilton had this to say about the future of Lustre at Oracle

Oracle logoI’m pleased to say with confidence that Oracle will continue to invest in Lustre. From engineering to sales to deployment and support, it’s the same great people working together to make Lustre a success at Oracle.

Oracle will honor all Lustre support commitments and allow customers to renew their support contracts when the time comes. We value our long-standing customers and look forward to continuing good relationships.

Hamilton goes on to say that the Lustre User Group will continue as planned (currently scheduled for 14-16 April), and that Oracle will have news with actual teeth in it in a month or so

I realize you probably have more questions and we will be able to answer them soon. I promise that we’ll communicate a more detailed plan for Lustre by the end of March 2010. You can also sign up for the Lustre-Announce mailing list to receive the latest Lustre announcements from Oracle.

Not much, but better than nothing.


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