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AMD 6100 specs and prices leaked

Timothy Prickett Morgan at The Register writes this morning that AMD’s next generation silicon was outed a little earlier than the chip company had planned by a reseller

AMD logoOhio computer components reseller Provantage accidentally let slip pricing information for the forthcoming “Magny-Cours” eight- and 12-core Opteron 6100 series of processors for two- and four-socket boxes.

…Earlier this week, if you went to the Provantage site and searched for Opteron X12, you would see a bunch of chips running at between 1.7 GHz and 2.4 GHz, with wattages ranging from 65 to 105 watts, and prices ranging from $293 to $1,491. Provantage quickly removed the data from its website, but not before a few journos and bloggers saw it.

Magny-Cours officially launches on Monday, and be sure to check back here then for a feature article on the new chip.


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