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HLRS/NEC Announce 12th Teraflop Workbench

HLRS and NEC have announced details of the 12th installment of their Teraflop Workbench.  The event will take place at HRLS in Stuttgart, Germany on March 15th and 16th.  Topics include: Continuum Mechanics, Molecular Simulations, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Vector Computing and Climate Simulations.

The Teraflop Workshop is a meeting platform for scientists, application developers, international experts and hardware designers from different continents to discuss the current state and future directions of supercomputing. This includes future hardware architectures, the future style of programming and directions to highest sustained application performance.
Scientists working in various application areas will present their recent results and will share their views to current supercomputer architectures.

For more info on the event and how to attend, check out the website here.

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