Intel Xeon 7500 (Beckton) roundup [UPDATED]

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As we did with Westmere and Magny Cours, we’ll update this post with pointers to the scads of companies announcing support for the new 8-core Xeon 7500, Intel’s brand new processor being launched later today.

Although Intel isn’t scheduled to announced until around noon pacific time, some partners have jumped the embargo so we have a few news items to point to.

And now after the official embargo time (I’m not doing any feature coverage of the 7500, but you can check out Intel’s own very detailed release)



  1. I’d really love to see some SPEC / CPU2006 scores on Magny Cours and Beckton. Hopefully they’re coming soon?

    (AMD has some scores on their webpage, but they compare against a higher clock-speed 6-core Intel system. I want the latest and greatest up against each other in 2- and 4-way competition!)

  2. John West says

    Brian, check out our story on the UV 10 post. Both int and float on Beckton from SGI.

  3. IBM will still have their Power7, 8-core out before Intel will.

  4. The Supermicro press release seems to have been rereleased: