Landman's list of file systems to watch

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Joe Landman has a post up this week noting some of his experiences with “new” filesystems worth watching. He talks about GlusterFS and Lustre, and then the newer ceph, Btrfs, tahoe-LAFS, and a few others.

But what about the “new” systems?

First, there is ceph. Ceph is a distributed object store done right. We have set up a few test systems with it, and will get more aggressively into it later this year, including (likely) hosting it as a test option on an internal siCluster for customers to play with. They have a clustered MDS, will use btrfs as the backend data store. Btrfs is something like a better zfs than zfs. Btrfs is part of the linux kernel, and is being developed by Chris Mason and others, at Oracle. Some might point out the “missing raidz*” as a reason zfs is “better” than btrfs, but I’d not harp on that point too heavily, as btrfs will sit nicely upon the md/lvm/… bits, so it gets all the goodness of those as well.

More in Joe’s post, which I advocate reading.