Sandia to break ground on new computational facility

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Sandia National Lab announced this week that they will break ground tomorrow (Wednesday) on a new $5M computation facility

New Sandia buildingA groundbreaking ceremony for a new facility – the Combustion Research Computation and Visualization (CRCV) building, part of the Combustion Research Facility (CRF) – will take place at 2 p.m., Wednesday, March 24, on the grounds of Sandia National Laboratories in Livermore.

…The CRCV will offer offices, visualization equipment, collaboration space, and a large room to house high-performance computing clusters. The new facility will enable interdisciplinary collaboration between the combustion scientists and computer scientists needed to address the daunting challenge of understanding combustion, said Carling.

The facility (featured to the left in the image above) will support numerical simulations of combustion-related, er, stuff, like first principles direct simulation of turbulent flames for example, and modeling of engine combustion chambers.

This type of basic research into clean and efficient combustion of current and emerging fuels, said Carling, is a recognized priority for the Office of Science. An Office of Science workshop resulted in a 2007 report, “Basic Research Needs for Clean and Efficient Combustion of 21st Century Transportation Fuels,” and highlighted science-based, predictive modeling of the type Sandia researchers are engaged in.

No word yet on the what machine will inhabit the building, but the facility isn’t scheduled for completion until October.