ScaleMP Announces Java Performance Record

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ScaleMP, today, announced that they have released a new record-breaking benchmark result for Java applications.  Their SPEC benchmark [SPECjbb2005] result claimed the second highest recorded result.

ScaleMP logoScaleMP is a leader in the high-performance computing space and will now, with this latest SPECjbb result, further raise the bar for commercial application performance and innovation,” said Shai Fultheim, founder and CTO of ScaleMP. “vSMP Foundation delivers an entirely new software approach to systems scale, demonstrating the powerful capabilities of aggregating commodity x86 servers into large virtual SMPs. Most other solutions on the market require dedicated systems and offer lesser performance at a higher price.”

ScaleMP utilized sixteen dual-socket M610 blades from Dell with Intel X5570 processors and 48 GB of memory for a large vSMP Foundation 32 socket virtual shared-memory system with a total of 128 cores and 768 GB of RAM. The vSMP Foundation-based system used Oracle JRockit JVM and achieved 6,972,897 BOPS.

For more info, check out their press release here.


  1. Mark Hahn says

    what the heck is “entirely new” about it? come on, I understand enthusiasm, especially from marketing people, but let’s be honest to history: software SHM has a long history.

  2. John West says

    I think Shai’s reference to “entirely new” is his particular architecture, not software shared memory itself as that has clearly been around for a while. But it’s best to let Shai answer for himself — he reads the site so we’ll let him respond.

  3. Hey Mark,

    I specifically referred to the architecture as a whole. Clearly DSM, VMMs, fast interconnects, were there way before ScaleMP. I just believe we combine them in new and unique way.