SpectraLogic Big in Swiss Bioinformatics

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SpectraLogic today announced that the Switzerland-based Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research (FMI) has purchased a pair of T950 tape libraries for their critical biomedical research data archival and backup duties.  More than 10TB of data are written to the libraries each week from a myriad of biomedical and bioinformatics projects at FMI.

Data volumes are doubling approximately every two years, so scalability is extremely important to us,” said Dean Flanders, chief information officer at FMI. “With Spectra Logic’s libraries we can easily scale by simply adding frames. We know our investment is protected and that our archiving and disaster recovery infrastructure will grow with us.”

We are impressed and happy with the density and cost-effectiveness of the Spectra Logic offering,” added Flanders. “Innovation in tape is what Spectra Logic does extremely well, and we have grown very comfortable with entrusting our critical data to the Spectra Logic tape libraries.”

FMI operates one T950 local to the site.  The second unit actually exists at a remote disaster recovery site for an extra layer of data protection goodness.  For more info on FMI’s use of SpectraLogic’s T950’s, check out the SpectraLogic customer profile page for FMI here.