Summer school on multicore programming

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Sunscreen optional.

The UPCRC at Illinois has announced a refreshing way to amp up your back-to-school summer vacation report. Finally, Tommy Rigel and his beach-condo-owning uncle can be jealous of you for once.

Pack up the baby and head up to the great state of Illinois this July for a week at the UPCRC Illinois Summer School on Multicore Programming.

The 2010 UPCRC Illinois Summer School offers experienced programmers, with little or no exposure to parallelism, an opportunity to learn about multicore programming.

Our program will provide a solid foundation in the fundamentals of multicore programming, offer hands-on experience with the use of multicore languages and libraries, and introduce emerging research topics. Upon completion, participants will be familiar with available tools, languages, and libraries that can be used to develop parallel programs, the pros and cons of those utilities, and will be able to choose the programming environment that best matches their multicore application needs.

What do you need? Floaties, beach towel, six pack of Leinie, and solid programming experience (preferably with C, C++, C#, and/or Java languages). Can’t make the trip? There’s an online version as well. Tiered pricing, favoring students (as it should be). Check out the summer school page for more.