And now the Verari website is off the air [UPDATED]

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Verari websiteI don’t want to read too much into this, since it could be that their Apache server has just gone tits up and will be back, but following up on comments left at this site and on Twitter it is apparent that Verari’s website is indeed down. Coming as it does on the heels of a forced two week employee furlough, this is a curious sign indeed.

Of course it could just be that the employee who is in charge of the server is on furlough, making the site down a meaningless coincidence.

[UPDATE] Mike LaPan, who sports a email address and is therefore credible, has left comments saying that the site is just down. Evidently GoDaddy is working on it. Good luck getting it fixed guys…someone is definitely having a bad day. Comments below if you want to read them yourself. At ten past four central, they are still down.


  1. Mike LaPan says

    Yes, the site is just down. Verari hosts their website through GoDaddy and GoDaddy has confirmed that the web server is currently offline and being worked on. Should be back up shortly.

  2. Heh … could be a blown server instance. We blew up a router here more than once and took our site down. This might be a correlated event …

  3. Mike LaPan says

    Just sad, it’s been 6 hours so far and GoDaddy still has no resolution. How long can it possibly take to get a new server in place? I mean geez. Maybe they should be using Verari servers. 🙂

  4. John West says

    Mike, thanks for the update(s). I’m going to shift the news that the site is just down up to the main body of the story for those that don’t scroll down to the comments.

  5. VerariBlows says

    Yeah. It’s a godadd issue. Right. They’re one of the largest domain hosting / reg companies on the planet. I’m sure it’s godaddy and not Verari. Verari is a solid company with a great track record. LOL. Mike, are you on furlough? If so, I respect your falling on the sword

  6. As of 10:40am (Friday, Central) it’s back up.

  7. @ VerariBlows: Newsflash. Websites go down from time to time. It’s not like their website was down for days or even a day . It was 1/2 day, and per Mike it was a GoDaddy issue.