Arkansas and Louisiana Optically Hook Up

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Now, I hear a bad joke coming.  The major university systems of Arkansas and Louisiana have each setup major optical network initiatives in order to bring their respective research institutions a bit closer together.  Arkansas has their Arkansas Research and Education Optical Network, or ARE-ON and Louisiana has its Louisiana Optical Network Initiative, or LONI.  Well, now the two southern networks are officially in cahoots.  With today’s release, ARE-ON and LONI will officially connect their optical networks in order to link faculty, staff and students at universities in both states.

We created LONI to have a world-class, cutting-edge network here in Louisiana, which allows us to use modern computing technology to its full potential and advance breakthroughs for both academia and industry,” said Donald Vandal, LONI executive director. “By establishing a connection with a similar network in a neighboring state, we are creating new opportunities for the Southern region to demonstrate leadership in technology-based research.”

The core function of any electronic network is to connect people, and in this context, Louisiana and Arkansas have initiated a partnership destined to positively impact the economic climate of both states,” said Michael Abbiatti, ARE-ON executive director. “Having worked as a member of the team that created LONI and being a native Arkansan, I am honored to have played a small part in establishing such a powerful collaborative atmosphere in two states with such great potential.”

No word on when the official optical marriage ceremony will take place.  Rest assured, however, that the networks will be heavily utilized for this year’s SC10 conference in New Orleans.  For more info, read their full release here.