Avetec Announces DICE Awards for HPC Innovation

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Avetec has announced the winners of the second annual DICE Data Intensive Impact Awards to “showcase products and technologies that have enabled progress in HPC data management in locality, movement, manipulation and integrity, as well as power and cooling efficiencies.”  NVIDIA’s Tesla 20 series GPU took the award in the Future Technology Group.

Over the last two years, the DICE Program has intensely studied how the HPC and Information Technology (IT) communities look at power consumption in data intensive environments, and while there is a desire to be more ‘green,’ the costs had been somewhat prohibitive until now,” said Al Stutz, Avetec chief information officer. “The NVIDIA Tesla 20-series GPU helps to drastically improve performance without the costs — environmental, capital, storage space and personnel — typically associated with performance improvements of this magnitude.”

Only GPUs offer the accessibility, performance and scalability required to respond to the increasingly complex scientific challenges the HPC community is being asked to solve today,” said Andy Keane, general manager of the Tesla business unit at NVIDIA. “Tesla GPUs are helping reduce the time it takes to do important work from a week to a day and from a day to mere minutes — this represents truly fundamental change for HPC users.”

In the Product category, DICE selected Spectra Logic’s T-Finity series of enterprise tape libraries.

Our team selected the T-Finity for its versatility in data intensive environments,” said Al Stutz, Avetec CIO and DICE team leader. “The product helps with the demanding archiving and backup environments experienced in the enterprise IT, federal, high performance computing (HPC) and media and entertainment space.”

HPC organizations have always had more than their share of big-data challenges — from performance to high capacity to long term data access,” said Brian Grainger, Spectra Logic’s vice president of worldwide sales. “Spectra Logic’s T-Finity tape library was built to provide HPC environments with high speed performance, superior capacity and ready access to stored data, along with significant cost savings in both capital investments and operating expenses. Spectra Logic is honored to receive this esteemed recognition from the DICE Team.”

Both SpectraLogic and NVIDIA are relative newcomers to HPC.  However, both have made quite a big splash in the last two years in our little niche market.  For more info on DICE and this year’s award winners, read their full release here.