EStar Awards for Argonne on Cooling Technology

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The Department of Energy’s Office of Science has announced an Environmental Sustainability award [EStar] for Argonne National Laboratory’s BlueGene/P supercomputing platform.  EStar awards highlight environmental sustainability projects and programs that reduce environmental impacts, enhance site operations, reduce costs and demonstrate excellence in pollution prevention and sustainable environmental stewardship.

Many people contributed to this success,” said Pete Beckman, director of Argonne’s Leadership Computing Facility (ALCF). “We have a very dedicated and talented team that works continually to reduce power consumption while supporting breakthrough science on our supercomputer. At Argonne, we believe green science is smart science.”

Argonne was just one of five recipients of the award.  This, out of 127 projects that were nominated.  Gregg Kulma, Argonne’s Pollution Prevention/Waste Minimization Program Manager, submitted the nomination for the Blue Gene/P supercomputer project, along with five other Argonne projects with notable achievements in environmental sustainability.

At Argonne, we are always looking for ways to be more energy efficient and environmentally friendly,” said Kulma.

For more info on Argonne’s EStar award, read their full writeup here.