IBM POWER7 first 4p systems to make Energy Star happy

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IBM announced today that their POWER7-based 750 Express and Power 755 are the first four-processor systems to get the Energy Star seal of approval

IBM logoTo qualify for ENERGY STAR status, a computer system must meet specific standards for power supply and energy efficiency and provide users with data on power use, thermal output, and processor utilization at periodic intervals. (1) In addition, the manufacturer must report power and performance information to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Department of Energy, which co-manage the ENERGY STAR program.

Powered by IBM’s innovative POWER7 processor (2), the Power 750 Express and Power 755 systems can deliver four times the performance for the same price — and are three to four times more energy efficient than the POWER6 systems they replace. (3) With their power management capabilities, the Power 750 Express and Power 755 systems can help clients maximize the workload delivered for each kilowatt-hour of energy consumed, while helping to reduce energy consumption and data center space.

More in the release.