Lustre 2.0 beta 1 is out

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The first beta release of Lustre 2.0 was sent into the wild last week; you can read the short announcement at the Lustre 2.0 milestone status page.

The focus of the first Beta release (Beta-1) of 2.0 was to continue improve stability of Lustre while landing fixes to HEAD and completing additional bug fixes. 116 total fixes were landed during this cycle.

This release was tested on RHEL5/x86_64 and OEL5/x86_64 with both IB and TCP connectivity. Known failures are documented in the HEAD Daily Testing Document available from

You can get a copy for yourself at Some of the major features on tap for release 2.0 are changelogs (they record events that change the filesystem namespace or file metadata), commit on share (prevents missing clients from causing cascading evictions of other clients), and lustre_rsync. More on the features planned for 2.0 here.

Oracle Lustre Strategy

And, in case you are curious about what Oracle has in mind for Lustre, Peter Bojanic gave a presentation last week on Oracle’s Lustre strategy that you can download here [PDF].


  1. […] through the Lustre strategy presentation that Peter Bojanic briefed last week (previously linked here), and had a great conversation with one of my more knowledgeable friends on what look like changes […]


  1. You might find the BP slides called “Hedging Our Filesystem Bet” interesting too..