New OpenCL programming book

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Fixstars, who we usually cover here for reasons of news related to Yellow Dog Linux, announced today that they’ve released an electronic OpenCL programming book called, oddly enough, the OpenCL Programming Book

Book coverThe book is a result of the collaboration of our team of engineers in providing a practical and easy to use tool for OpenCL programming. It starts with the basics of parallelization, covering the main concepts, techniques, and setting up a development environment for OpenCL. It concludes with a clear and useful example of the FFT and Mersenne Twister algorithms written in OpenCL, walking you through the programming process and providing you with the source-code. It is the perfect resource for those wishing to get started on programming in OpenCL.

“Fixstars is a skilled OpenCL practitioner and is ideally qualified to create state-of-the-art OpenCL educational materials,” said Neil Trevett, the president of Khronos Group. “I wholeheartedly recommend to this book to anyone looking to understand and start using the amazing power of OpenCL.”

The book is available from Fixstars right now for 19.50, and the company says that it expects to have it in Amazon’s Kindle Store and Apple’s iBooks Store soon. This may be the first book devoted exclusively to OpenCL programming: a quick search for “opencl” at Amazon returns 22 entries, none of which appear to focus exclusively on that topic.


  1. What do you suppose the chances are there’ll be a print version?

  2. John West says

    Matt, not sure, but I think the Fixstars guys read insideHPC…perhaps they’ll respond.