Notre Dame turns on new HP super

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You don’t tend to hear a lot about the bread-and-butter HPC installations from HP an IBM that allow them to dominate the bulk of the Top500 list each time its announced, so I was interested when I saw news of the 6,000(ish) core cluster from HP that Notre Dame just put in

Notre Dame LogoPurchased by the Center for Research Computing (CRC) at Notre Dame and the faculty, the new computer – or “CRC cluster” – adds to the university’s state-of-the-art computing capabilities that can be shared across academic disciplines for advanced research.

…The CRC cluster is comprised of 490 Hewlett Packard ( servers, leveraging more than 5,880 cores that will enable researchers at Notre Dame to process more information faster than they have ever before.  Launching the new CRC cluster is part of a $1.8 million research computing investment; subsequent projects will include bringing in additional clusters, cluster nodes, an SMP system and additional high-performance storage.

More about the installation, and what it will be used for, in the article.


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