NVIDIA announces open beta of GPU dev tool for Visual Studio users

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During the Visual Studio 2010 launch event this week NVIDIA announced that it has released a new open beta of the Parallel Nsight plugin with new features for Microsoft Visual Studio

nVidia logoParallel Nsight is powerful plug-in that allows Microsoft Visual Studio programmers to develop for both GPUs and CPUs within a single development environment.

This new release adds support for the new features found in the latest GeForce and Tesla products based on the Fermi architecture hitting the market soon. The key new features for the open beta, which have been added underneath the 3 key technologies of Parallel Nsight, include:

Nsight Debugger:

  • NVIDIA Fermi architecture support for debugging CUDA C source code.
  • Improved parallel debugging visualizations for DirectX 10 HLSL debugging.

Nsight Analyzer:

  • OpenCL 1.0 call trace visualization correlated to CPU+GPU events on the timeline.
  • Timeline visualization of DirectX 11 API calls.
  • CUDA Profiler support for Fermi hardware counters.

Nsight Graphics Inspector:

  • DirectX11 Frame Debugging.
  • DirectX11 Frame Profiling, with per-draw call bottleneck detection.
  • Pixel History fully supported for Tesla (coming soon for Fermi).

You can register for the beta program or learn more at nvidia.com/nsight.


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