Rocks-A-Palooza V Registration Open

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rocksIts that time of year again!  The nice folks in the Rocks cluster tools administration, user and development community are getting together for the fifth annual Rocks-A-Palooza conference.  The conference, taking place June 2-3, will take place in La Jolla, California at the UCSD Atkinson Hall [CaliIT2].  Lots happening this year, take a look:

The main track at this year’s Rocks-a-Palooza (see the agenda) will focus on expanding the current Rocks community. The main sessions will describe the full Rocks development life cycle with the intention of helping and inspiring community members to build and share their own Rolls.

In a parallel session, we’ll be holding “Roll Camp” where Rocks core team members will work side-by-side with two groups from the community to help them develop their own Rolls. If you would like your group to be considered for one of the Rolls for Roll Camp, send a high-level description of the intended functionality and purpose of your Roll to “”. We will select up to 2 Rolls for Roll Camp and we will notify you by May 4 if your Roll has been accepted for Roll Camp. [Rocks-A-Palooza website]

Attendance is free for those from non-profit organizations.  For those working within for-profit organizations, registration is only $300.  Registration is required to attend, even if you’re doing so as a non-profit.

If you’re interested in registration, travel info or the full agenda, check out the conference website here.