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UCAR Releases WRF Version 3.2

The nice folks in the weather forecasting corners of HPC will be happy to learn that UCAR announced the official release of the Weather Research Forecast [WRF] code version 3.2.  The release includes all components of the system: WPS, WRF, WRF-Chem, and WRFDA. Other auxiliary codes, RIP4, ARWpost, WPP and obsgrid have also been updated.

The official release email on the WRF-users mailing list quotes the following new features:

  • New physics
  • Milbrandt-Yau double-moment microphysics
  • Building energy model for urban physics
  • Vegetation-height dependent thermal roughness length
  • Slope/shading effects extend to all shortwave radiation options
  • Garratt enthalpy flux formulation and dissipative heating for hurricanes
  • Nonlinear backscatter anisotropic sub-grid turbulent stress for LES
  • Wildland fire module for ARW
  • Vertical resolution refinement in ndown

For more info and a full list of all the new forecasting goodies, check out the link here.

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