WRF DTC Releases GSI System Version 2.0

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Didn’t you hear?  Its abbreviation Tuesday.  The Weather Research Forecast [WRF] Development Test Center [DTC] has announced the 2.0 release of the Community Gridpoint Statistical Interpolation (GSI) data assimilation system.  The 2.0 release adds significant capability beyond the 1.0 release, including:

  • Assimilating tropical storm pseudo sea-level pressure observations
  • Assimilating NOAA-19 HIRS/4 and AMSU-A brightness temperature observations
  • Assimilating RARS 1B data
  • Assimilating NOAA-18 SBUV/2 and AURA OMI Ozone observations. Monitor NOAA-19 and METOP-2 GOME Ozone observations
  • Assimilating EUMETSAT-9 Atmospheric Motion Vectors
  • Using uniform thinning mesh for brightness temperature data
  • Improving assimilation of GPS radio occultation data (forward operator, QC procedures, observation error tuning)
  • Adding dry mass pressure constraint
  • Using NASA Goddard Modeling and Assimilation Office/EMC merged code including hooks for 4DVAR and Observation Sensitivity
  • Updating background error covariance file

Supported build platforms include Linux [multiple flavors], IBM [AIX], Mac OSX, and SGI Altix [via Intel v10 compilers].  For more info on the release, check out the website here.