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Archives for May 2010

Intel part of new exascale research lab in Germany

At ISC on Monday Intel, Forschungszentrum Jülich, and ParTec announced that they’ve signed a multi-year agreement to create a new ExaCluster Laboratory located on the campus of the Research Center in Jülich, Germany (left to right) Achim Bachem (Jülich), Kirk Skaugen (Intel), Hugo R. Falter(ParTec) at the signing ceremony. The new lab will be a […]

ISC10 Day One Debrief

Prior to getting terribly deep into the second day’s worth of news and scuttlebutt, I wanted to take a quick moment and put together a list of ‘honorable mentions’ for day one.  As with the Supercomputing show, day one at ISC is full of interesting prognosticators, predictions, tutorials and the opening gala.  I was privy […]

University of Frankfurt Goes with Bright Cluster Manager

Bright Computing announced this morning that the University of Frankfurt has selected their Bright Cluster Manager management stack to support the new machine at the Goethe University’s Hessian high-performance computer organization (HHLR-GU).  The machine, called “LOEWE-CSC”, has 20,784 processor cores plus 772 GPGPU hardware accelerators.  Overall theoretical peak stands around 599 TF [double precision]. This […]

Supermicro expands into Europe and Asia

Supermicro — the company that makes the node boards inside many of the supercomputers you buy from other vendors today — is talking about big expansions east and west at ISC this week. On Monday the company announced an expansion into Europe with a new integration service Super Micro Computer, Inc. (NASDAQ: SMCI), the global […]

ISC'10 sets exhibition, attendance records

Just a quickie to let you know the corks are a-popping at ISC HQ this year as the conference sets new records [PDF] The 2010 International Supercomputing Conference (ISC’10) opened on Monday, May 31, with an unprecedented 1,797 registered attendees as the conference marked its 25th anniversary. In the exhibition hall of the Congress Center […]

The Top500 in pictures: what does it mean to hold the top slot?

John Leidel covered the movement in the Top500 earlier today when the new list was announced during ISC’10. In keeping with previous list announcements, I wanted to take another quick visual look at the world in HPC, and see if there is anything beyond the headlining move by China into the number two slot (by […]

ISC'10 photos, day 1

Our man on the continent took another round of great pics Monday, the first day of the International Supercomputing Conference in Hamburg, Germany. You can check them out at our Facebook page — and while you’re there, tag the folks you know.

Exclusive: Russia's biggest HPC provider talks Rusnano and the bid to spur innovation with HPC

Last week T-Platforms Group announced the award of a $6 million nanotechnology and supercomputing enablement program funded by the Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies, Rusnano. The program is somewhat unique and could stand out as a model for other countries in that it is designed to create real-world adoption of advanced HPC and nanotechnologies in production environments.

Neither T-Platforms nor Rusnano are very well known throughout this community, so we wanted to give our readers more insight to both this announcement and the organizations behind it. We were fortunate to catch up with Vsevolod (Seva) Opanasenko, CEO of T-Platforms Group, and as a result, are pleased to bring you this feature interview.

Overheard at ISC10

Back home in Portland, one of my hobbies is to maintain a site called OverheardinPDX. The conversational snippets that people send in can be pretty outrageous, so I thought I would try to keep my ears peeled for good overheards while I’m here in Hamburg. Here is what I have so far: “There is not […]

QLogic To Optimize for NVIDIA GPUDirect

QLogic announced today at ISC that they are working closely with NVIDIA in order to optimize their TrueScale Infiniband products for the NVIDIA Tesla GPU platforms.  They intend on tapping into the NVIDIA GPUDirect technology provided by the Tesla GPU hardware and software stack in order to reduce the overall CPU involvement in multi-node communication […]