COMPETES comes back to the House floor for a vote today

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US Capitol DomeThe America COMPETES Reauthorization Act comes back to the house floor for a vote today after being pushed back to committee late last week when Republicans turned a vote for COMPETES into a vote in favor of federal employees watching porn at work (yes, I did not make that up; read about it here). HPC cares about this bill for the many reasons I have outlined previously (here and here, for example).

Chairman Gordon has given the bill a new name (H.R. 5325), and introduced it under new rules that will make it harder to amend it and have a repeat of last week’s ridiculous display. Last week’s amendment did not just send the bill back to committee, though, it struck many of the increases in STEM education and science funding. Rather than pass a crippled bill, Gordon pulled it and reintroduced it yesterday for a vote today. The CRA has a Congressional action alert at their site today which you might want to read if you are the type that is inclined to make the people who work for us in Congress do the things we actually want them to do.

Follow the bill’s progress for yourself at Thomas.


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