Bull powers up new super, outpaces JUGENE as Europe's leading super

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Bull announced yesterday that they have fired up the French Atomic Energy Authority’s (the CEA) new 1.25 peak PFLOPS super

Bull logoThe result of a collaborative program between Bull and the CEA which began in 2008, Tera 100 is the first petaflops-scale supercomputer ever designed and developed in Europe. Its theoretical maximum power of 1.25 Petaflops means it ranks among the three most powerful supercomputers in the world. Tera 100 is destined for the French nuclear weapons simulation program, aimed at guaranteeing the reliability of nuclear deterrent weapons.

Tera 100 was powered up on 26 May 2010, just a few weeks after its installation in March 2010. Tera 100 consists of 4,300 bullx S Series servers, the model announced on the market by Bull in April 2010. It features 140,000 Intel Xeon 7500 processing cores, 300TB of central memory and a total storage capacity of over 20PB. Its 500GB/sec throughput to the global file system is a world record for a system of this type.

I assume they are hedging their ranking bet (“among the top 3”) because the new list is coming out next week, and that’s a theoretical peak number. Although if they truly just powered up on Wednesday, they won’t have had time to do a submission for that list. Germany’s JUGENE is the current holder of the most power supercomputer in Europe title, with a peak performance of just over 1 PFLOPS (Rmax of 825 TFLOPS).


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