First Petaflop PRACE System Open for Early Access

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The Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe announced that they have now opened access requests for early time on the first Petaflop system in the partnership.  The system in question is the IBM BlueGene/P, called JUGENE, hosted by the Gauss-Centre member site in Jülich, Germany.

The Early access call is intended for large-scale projects that have reached a high level of scientific and technical maturity, and could benefit from a relatively small window of access (4 months) to achieve significant scientific results: results offered should lead to the anticipated publication of results in one or more high-quality journals. The projects must demonstrate scientific excellence and should cover topics of major relevance for European research and also demonstrate the need for Tier-0 resources.

JUGENE offers computation power of one Petaflop/s and is one of the fastest computers in the world (number 4 on the latest Top 500 list of world’s most powerful computers). The term Petaflop/s means computation efficiency of 1015 floating point operations per second.

The deadline for submission of proposals is June 10th at 16.00 CEST. All proposals must be submitted via the PRACE website at:


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