Intel introduces Threading Building Blocks version 3

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This week Intel announced on the software blog that they’ve released a new version of their popular library for expressing parallelism in C++ applications

Intel logoWe are happy to introduce Intel Threading Building Blocks 3.0 (TBB). TBB 3.0 builds on the past four years of TBB by adding to the breadth and depth of features in the library, improving performance, and in the Windows version utilizing the latest developments from Microsoft to support parallelism.

According to the post, TBB 3.0 adds support for C++ 0x, condition variables, additional debugging, and Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 (among other improvements). There is also a new book, the TBB Design Patterns manual [PDF].

Intel also announced that Adobe has incorporated TBB into its shipping creative suite

We have so many great users; it might not be fair to single one out. But since Adobe just started shipping their new Create Suite 5 products, I can’t write a blog and not mention that. Adobe is now using TBB in shipping products. Since they went into release cycle before we released Intel TBB 3.0, they are on 2.x, but they see the benefits we’ve all come to expect from Intel TBB in harnessing multicore parallelism. Given how widely Adobe, and other customers, products are used – the power of multicore parallelism is being realized in the real world by many users. Users of their product will enjoy the new found performance. And we are grateful for the support and extraordinarily useful feedback our customers give to the Intel TBB project. That real world usage has made Intel TBB what it is today.


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