Introduction to InfiniBand for end users

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The InfiniBand Trade Association (IBTA) announced last week that they’ve finally put the finishing touches on something I’ve wanted for a while now: an introduction to InfiniBand.

Authored by one of the original leading architects of InfiniBand, with contributions from several members of the IBTA’s technical working group, the minibook describes the basic concepts behind InfiniBand and the value that InfiniBand delivers to the high performance computing (HPC) and enterprise data center communities.

Topics covered in the minibook include Basic Concepts, InfiniBand for HPC, InfiniBand for the Enterprise, Designing with InfiniBand, InfiniBand Architecture and Features, Achieving an Interoperable Solution, and InfiniBand Performance Capabilities and Examples.

I’ve already downloaded it to my iPad for late night reading. You can do the same at