ISC10 Day One Debrief

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Prior to getting terribly deep into the second day’s worth of news and scuttlebutt, I wanted to take a quick moment and put together a list of ‘honorable mentions’ for day one.  As with the Supercomputing show, day one at ISC is full of interesting prognosticators, predictions, tutorials and the opening gala.  I was privy to a few interesting moments and conversations throughout yesterday’s organized chaos and gala opening.  Here are a few juicy tidbits.

  • Steve Wallach and Tom Sterling discussing technology.  These two people have collectively contributed more than their fair share of charisma and insight into the history of HPC.  Quite a privilege to sit and hold court with these characters.  Don’t worry, its a New York thing.
  • China is fast moving up the Top500 list.  LOTS of scuttlebutt on the exhibition floor that they are seriously aiming at the top spot.  I’m interested to see the response from the various competitors.  There isn’t much time between now and November.
  • Less is more.  ISC has a lot less glitz and glam.  The setups are relatively simple with less ‘in-your-face’ ad campaigns.  Its actually quite nice.
  • Next-IO: Had a long conversation with my neighbors from Austin, TX.  This might be something to keep an eye on.  Virtualized I/O is not a new concept, but I believe their switched PCIe ASIC might be the best implementation I’ve seen.  Very cool stuff.
  • IBM is here with a big board.  No.  A HUGE board.  What would I do if I owned my own fab?  Well, build a motherboard the size of a Volkswagon.  Why not, right?  I’ll try to get some shots with relative scale and post later this week.

So far, ISC has been a real joy.  Hamburg is a lovely city [and the beer is incredible].  Check in early and often with insideHPC for all the goings-on for this year’s ISC show.


  1. Someone (who is not in Hamburg) has to ask: what’s with the butterflies-on-stilts costumes?

  2. John West says

    I’m putting myself on record as pro giant, 10-foot butterfly people at supercomputing conferences.

  3. John Leidel says

    Jeff, its a part of the “entertainment” for the opening gala. I admit, its very interesting. [seeing as though we’re headed to New Orleans for SC10]. However, its a pretty cool show. [they also had a band… but normal height]