NextIO Achieves 2.2M IOPS with Fusion-Powered IO

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Fusion, as in Wozniak, not as in physics principle.  NextIO announced today that they, combined with gear from Fusion-IO, broke 2.2 million IOPs [I/O’s per second] with a single rack of gear.  A single NextIO vSTOR Appliance was populated with six ioDrive Duo ioMemory cards and connected to two SuperMicro  servers with six-core Opterons.  The combination crested 2.2 million IOPs [read] performance.  According to the source release, this is a new record [1.7 million being the former high water mark].

Fusion-io is excited to work with NextIO in the creation of their new vSTOR platform, which is setting new records for performance and adaptability,” said Jim Dawson, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales for Fusion-io. “By incorporating Fusion’s ioMemory technology into the vSTOR platform, NextIO will be able to offer customers the ability to extend their capacity and performance beyond the limitations of their server.”

NextIO loved working with Fusion-io so much that they have now entered into an OEM agreement with flash-based solid-state memory technology vendor.

The OEM relationship with Fusion-io gives our NextIO vSTOR platform industry-leading performance density, and represents a significant expansion in the number of media providers for our product,” said Mike Heumann, VP of Marketing, NextIO. “Fusion-io also brings a significant market leadership and customer base to this relationship, which NextIO hopes to leverage with our vSTOR product.”

NextIO has a very interesting value proposition.  So many of the new computing devices, such as GPUs and FPGA accelerator technologies, are attached via high performance [relatively speaking] PCI-express.  Having gone through the pain of seeking out motherboards that fully supported some large `N` number of high performance buses [at full bandwidth], I understand the trials and tribulations associated with the burgeoning market of accelerated computing.  Keep an eye on NextIO.  This might get interesting.

For more info, read their full release here.